Walnut Grove 3-Gun

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Walnut Grove 3-Gun

What is a 3-Gun Match?

A 3-Gun match is a chance to use rifles, pistols, and shotguns in a contest of speed and accuracy.

At the Walnut Grove 3-Gun Matches there are usually 5 stages or scenarios which require the shooter to use from one to all three guns in a single stage. 

Registration for shooters in the matches begins at
9:00 am and the shooting begins at 10:00 am.
The Entry Fees are $25.00.

Matches will be held in all weather assuming it is safe enough to shoot and there are enough participants.  As long as it is not a direct hit from a hurricane or it is not an ice storm, chances are bullets will be sent downrange.

For the weekend forecast of what the weather in scenic Bostic NC is alleged to be, check out 



2017 Schedule:

25 February

25 March

29 April

27 May

24 June

29 July

26 August

30 September

28 October

25 November

30 December


Scoring is done using Practiscore.  You can sign up for squads online as well on Practiscore.

Feel free to join up with our Facebook group.

You can help defend your gun rights by contacting your elected officials using Gunowners of America's Legislative Action Center.

Spectators are welcome!  Bring a Friend!

The Walnut Grove 3-Gun range is located at (approx.) 4956 Bostic Sunshine Highway, Bostic, Rutherford County, North Carolina 28018, and is only open to the public on match dates.